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Be Teachable. You're Not Always Right

Be Teachable; you're not always right. What does it mean?

How many of us have developed the skill of listening? I mean, truly listening? This is one of the most difficult skill sets to master, but is one of the easiest to learn. But, you have to do one thing in order to learn.... You have to be willing to learn.

Being teachable is overcoming the impulse of always wanting, or needing, to be right. Being teachable is a learning mindset instead of wanting to show what you know.

1) Intentional Listening. When someone is speaking, the voice (thoughts) inside your head are on overload thinking about your response, instead of listening. When this happens, you eliminate the ability to learn. Intentional listening is silencing this impulse. When you do this, you are receiving 100% of the information; hence, allowing your brain to learn.

2) Humility. The most arrogant attitude to have, is believing you are the smartest person in the room. Be humble when listening. Have a mindset that believes every conversation, is a teachable moment.

3) Ego. No one is 100% wrong, nor is anyone 100% right, all the time. Ego involves the inability to be receptive to new information or opinions. Ego involves the unwillingness to learn. Someone with an Ego doesn't want to know what they don't know. Keep your Ego in check.

A successful professional and personal life, involves having a teachable mindset.

Things you can do to develop a teachable mindset:

1) Read

2) Travel

3) Practice Gratitude

4) Turn off technology (tv, phones, computers, radio)

5) Pray/meditate to quiet the mind

6) Practice the art of listening

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