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Bet On Talent, by Dee Ann Turner

Bet On Talent

When I heard Dee Ann Turner had written a book about creating a "remarkable culture", I instantly purchased a copy. (Sorry Kindle lovers, I love holding a book and turning the pages).

Who is Dee Ann Turner? She is the former Vice President of Chick-fil-A and an authority on talent acquisition and talent management, as well as an expert on corporate culture.

I have visited several Chick-fil-A's throughout the United States, and can attest to their consistent food quality (yummy, of course), as well as the remarkable culture found with every employee that works at one of their franchises. Their culture IS remarkable and an example of excellent customer service.

Creating a remarkable culture, just doesn't happen. There must be a driving force and involves sharing a common vision. It is intentional.

What drives your culture? Is it by positional authority or personal influence?

Does your organization run by compliance to enforced rules, or applied principles? In other words, are your employees happy to be at work? Do your employees have passion for the work they do, or are they forced to comply with strict rules that does not allow for principled judgements?

Do you hire people to fill a job function, or do you hire talented people to add value to the culture and growth of your company?

You'll find these answers and more. It is a great read, filled with great ideas and on-point examples. Bring a highlighter and a pencil, as you will want to revisit important information throughout this book.

My opinion, this is the best book on understanding how to create a remarkable corporate culture and the principles of talent acquisition and talent management.

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