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Day #10 Engaging & Retaining Employees and Corporate Culture.

#10 Corporate Culture

What is the #1 ingredient in a successful organization? Positive Corporate Culture.

What is Positive Corporate Culture? It encompasses Vision, Promotes Initiative, Systems, Processes, Communication, a Friendly Working Environment, Shared Beliefs and Values.

Indicators of a Negative Corporate Culture?

* High Employee Turnover

* Unhappy Customers

* Stagnating Growth

* Lack of Organization

* Miscommunication Issues

* Inconsistent Rules, Systems, Processes

* Inconsistent Customer Service

* Lack of a Defined Strategy

* Ineffective Marketing Campaigns

* Lack of Leadership Accountability

Negative Corporate Culture is the top leadership failure within an organization.

If you are experiencing one or all of the above indicators, chances are, you have a Negative Culture. The tone of leadership begins at the Top.

Do you have systems and processes in place? Are goals clearly defined? Are strategic plans measurable? Are your standards consistent?

As a leader within your organization, it is important to conduct an honest, objective assessment of your current culture.

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