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Day # 11 Engaging and Retaining Employees Progress and Feedback

11 Progress and Feedback

The way you communicate will establish the tone within your organization.

The "Old School Method" of communication, happens once a year with an annual employee performance review. This method is typical with a Top Down, dominant style of management. Change is slow because it is 100% dependent upon the "Boss", who controls everything. There is a sense of "management vs. employee" mentality. If this is your current method, your organization could be experiencing a constant battle of miscommunication with an undertone of employee/department resentment.

The Collaborative Method consists of consistent communication, providing employees with a clear roadmap to ensure progress is on target with performance expectations. It provides the employee with greater self-confidence and a sense of being a part of a collaborative team. Managerial roles become more of a coach, encouraging employees to take measurable risks to improve their performance and to take ownership of their efforts as a team. Change is moderately fast, as the team becomes focused on shared goals and results.

With one more day of the Engaging & Retaining Employee series, here is a link to review the previous 10:

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