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Day # 12 Engaging & Retaining Employees Motivation, Strategic Plans and the Gate Keeper

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

#12 Motivation

The last strategy in our Engaging & Retaining Employees Series, is MOTIVATION and the Gate Keeper. Why is motivation a factor of success and what is it, exactly? What is a Gate keeper?

Simply put, motivation is knowing and understanding what will drive an employee to WANT to do their jobs well. But is it really that simple? Yes and no.

Motivation is not a one and done deal. In fact, it is the opposite. Motivating employees is providing an environment encouraging continual development by growing their professional skill sets, promotion of personal life-balance skills, or both.

Motivation also includes supporting community service as a Team; giving back and supporting shared community causes.

Managing by motivation should be included in your corporate vision plan as a foundational pillar of your organization, as employees are your true first customer.

A Gate Keeper is someone who ensures these strategies are always in place and protected. It is wise to periodically review these strategies in order to ensure its integrity and to improve where deemed necessary. These strategies must be included in the overall corporate vision, culture, systems and processes to ensure consistency and success.

Throughout this series, we have focused on 12 strategic plans to engage and retain employees. Incorporating all 12 strategies, should be the absolute minimum to improve corporate culture. To review these strategies, please click on each highlighted link.

#1 Let employees know what is expected of them. Establish what Success looks like.

#2 Ensure employees have the tools they need to do their work/job.

#3 Match employee strengths with department goals.

#4 Provide recognition and praise for doing good work.

#5 Employees need to be seen and valued as people, and not as just a job function.

#6 Encourage employee development in and outside of their work environment.

#7 Employee opinions count.

#8 Every employee should be made to feel important and worthwhile.

#9 Co-workers who are committed to quality work.

#10 Have positive work relationships - Culture.

#11 Talk about progress and provide consistent, constructive feedback

#12 Manage through motivation

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