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Day #8 Engaging & Retaining Employees Everyone is Important

#8 Everyone is Important

Working in a healthy environment should be the ultimate goal for all organizations. Gone are the days of iron fist/old school management styles which created an environment of resentment and hostility. But, is this style of management truly gone? If you have a toxic culture, you will need to re-evaluate your Corporate Core Values and identify the operating style of your management team.

There are two things needed for success:

1) Serve the customer better and

2) Do it efficiently.

Let's define "customer". As a business owner (Stakeholder), your customers are your employees. Surprised?

1) Serve the customer better. How you treat your employees (internal customers) has a direct impact on how well your external customers are served. Everyone, from employee to end user/customer, should be made to feel important and worthwhile.

2) Do it efficiently. If you don't have a way to measure customer service (internal and external), the service will never improve. Create a measurable process (ie: survey) to establish a baseline and to create an actionable plan. Collaborative organizations are most successful because everyone is a part of the process; which makes everyone feel valued, worthwhile, and important in their contributed role.

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