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Do You Have a Successful Employee Onboarding Program?

Do you have a successful onboarding program

Employers are waiting longer to hire additional staff due to many reasons. Two of them are; 1) company is growing/expanding at a fast rate, and 2) company is experiencing high employee turnover. Either scenario, can put performance strains on an existing onboarding process. Here are a few ideas to help ensure a successful onboarding program.

Provide new hire with everything they will need to be successful on day one:

  • where to park

  • office space/work environment have the required tools and equipment (desk, computer, supplies)

  • corporate onboarding materials as applicable (administrative details such as email, timekeeping, mandatory HR/Admin forms, etc)

  • where to eat lunch, bathrooms, etc

  • facilities tour

Provide clear expectations of new hire's role and responsibilities:

  • identify core responsibilities

  • formal team member introductions (how each will interact with new hire), organization chart and how to interact

  • establish clear business/team goals

  • review company personal development philosophy and help create individual plan with timeline goals

  • establish first day goal, one week goal and one month goal to encourage quick win accomplishments

Provide a 90 day plan and review in detail with an Onboarding Mentor:

  • a high level review of expectations over a 90 day period checklist

  • an understanding of company strategy and team goals

  • formal check-in with onboarding mentor meeting on a consistent basis (at the end of 1st day, at the end of the first week, at the end of the first month, at the end of the 90 day period)

  • formal monthly checklist to review job performance (highlights, improvements, road blocks, recommendations)

A successful onboarding program requires dedication to a well planned, established process. Consistency is key, as well as a continued commitment to quality.

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