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Do You have a Tolerant (Teachable) or Intolerant Mindset

Tolerant or Intolerant Mindset

Being "teachable" requires the ability to have an open mind to new ideas. It also involves the ability to have empathy toward others. Those who have this ability, have a more tolerant mindset towards change. Those who have a negative attitude, lack empathy and begrudge others, often have an intolerant mindset. Take the quiz to see if you are as tolerant as you believe. Answer the following questions honestly.

Let's begin....

1) Do you immediately say "No" to new or different ideas?

2) Do you believe, in order for everyone to work peacefully together, everyone has think the same way?

3) Do you get angry or act defiant, when challenged with opposing ideas or opinions?

4) Do you hold onto grudges?

5) Do you gossip?

You may laugh at some of these, but I have found most people will feel strongly with at least one of these questions.

Here is the reality of this quiz. Everyone posses some levels of intolerance. No one is perfect, nor is it human to be 100% tolerant. It's the level and intensity of intolerance, that can make you unteachable.


1) Although being cautious is considered a prudent virtue, saying "No" without discussion, information or research, means you don't like change and as such, would resist learning new things. If you answered No, you are intolerant of new ideas.

2) Inclusivity is a popular culture term, describing an environment that accepts all people, but it must also include those that may hold different morals and values. It is unhealthy to expect everyone must think the same way. If everyone thought the same way, there would be no progress, innovation or change. Respect, empathy and tolerance must be a part of a company's vision and values.

3) Anger is an intolerant emotion, especially if the anger is directed at someone with an opposing idea or opinion.

4) Holding onto grudges, means you refuse to let go of the past. Your mind has closed to any resolution. This is a deeply destructive and intolerant mindset.

5) Gossiping about someone, is a sign you have a low emotional IQ and intolerant mindset. The negativity that is created around gossiping, is destructive and voids possibilities of trust or redemption. Refraining from gossiping, allows you to keep an open mind. Those who gossip or spews negativity about others, are intolerant. This is a cancer to corporate culture and must be corrected, immediately.

Corporate values must be the forefront of Corporate Culture in order for your employees to remain positive and teachable. Tolerance must be practiced daily by everyone within the organization, especially those in leadership positions. Remember, the best rule is the Golden Rule, treating others how you would like to be treated.

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