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Engaging & Retaining Employees #1

We understand the importance onboarding programs are to a new employee. But what about current employees? How can we keep employees engaged after they are hired? How can we retain good employees?

Welcome to our 12 day Engaging & Retaining Employees Challenge. Each day, we will provide you with a specific plan of action. Use each challenge to help you identify and analyze your current approach and compare it with what is the reality within your company/organization. Be honest in your answers.


Write down Job Descriptions for each position within your company/organization.

Separately, ask each employee to write down what job functions they perform on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis.

Compare the two to determine expectations vs realities.

You'll discover one of two things:

1) is there a clear job description for each employee?

2) are employee roles experiencing job creep (increasing work responsibility relative to original role)

If there are discrepancies between your written job descriptions and current employee understanding of their roles, then you are at a risk of having a high employee turnover.

Providing a clear job description for every position within your company/organization, will provide employees with a measurable expectation of their role, performance and responsibilities. This way, you are defining what success looks like for them. Understanding expectations provides balance to the company/organization, while providing employees with confidence, measurable goals and job satisfaction.

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