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Engaging & Retaining Employees #3 Aligning Employee Strengths with Department Goals

Aligning Employee Strengths with Department Goals

Identifying Employee strengths are vital at the time of the hiring process. If you aren't utilizing a DISC Assessment process when interviewing potential employees, you could be hiring the wrong person.

Many employers will hire employees based on education levels or past work experience and an in-person interview. Although this is an important aspect in hiring an employee, this is only half of what you need to know about your next hire. Utilizing a DISC Assessment describes human behavior such as, how does a person respond to challenges, how a person influences others, what environment is best for a persons personality, and how do they respond to rules and procedures? A DISC Assessment will also identify strengths and weaknesses that could impact the ultimate success of the business.

Understanding the impact of a right hire for the right position, will help to align that employee with your Department goals. When hiring a sales person, you need to hire someone that is an Influencer. When hiring a manager, you need to hire someone who has the ability to be both a leader and influencer, and who can also handle personnel challenges while abiding with rules and procedures. If you hire someone who lacks any of these needed personality traits, then conflicts will ensue and your Department goals will become difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

To learn more about how to utilize DISC Assessments for your company or organization, contact our office at (734) 788-7100.

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