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Engaging & Retaining Employees #5 To Be Seen and Valued

#5 To Be Seen and Valued

A simple concept in nature that yields positive outcomes in Corporate Culture.

In a world of identity politics, it is easy to forget the individual Human need to be seen, valued and appreciated. How many of us have dined at a restaurant and never knew the name of the person who served you? Even though there are multiple opportunities to learn their name through first introductions and/or name badges, how many will actually use their name when placing an order, requesting additional items, or, when saying "Thank you"? It's the easiest thing to do, yet many don't.

How many times have you arrived at the office and said, "Good morning", to Jane the receptionist? It's a robotic and insincere pleasantry, and does little for Jane's morale. Now, try taking a valued approach. This time, make a conscious effort of providing value to Jane by saying, "Good morning, Jane!". Say it with a smile and watch Jane's response. Suddenly, Jane will feel seen and valued. Watch the positive impact this simple concept will have on Jane, while encouraging her and others to pay it forward to everyone they encounter. Make it a part of your Corporate Culture.

As small as this simple concept appears, it will have huge positive impacts within your organization. Try this on a larger scale and watch your Corporate Culture improve. All of us want to be seen, valued and appreciated. It is really that simple.

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