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Productivity Series: Are You Zooming In or Zoning Out

Let's face it, 2020 needs to end sooner than later. Communicating via Zoom has been a life changer for the Corporate World, but it is quickly getting old. Why? Because we are missing the human connection that is created when you communicate in person. We miss the gestures, the nuances of body language, and most importantly, our brains are getting exhausted of always having to be "On".

Depending upon your strengths and weaknesses, you may be working in your weakness zone for longer periods of time. Without the ability to touch, feel, move, or work in an uninterrupted work space, the synergy that was once created with an in-person environment, is now struggling to engage. For those who have children at home, the struggle of the new work environment can create a new level of anxiety never experienced.

If you are struggling in your new work environment, write it down. Keep a journal of what is working and not working. Break it down into different categories, ie: Technology (includes internet speed, computers, monitor); Environment (do you have the necessary space to work, do you have enough task lighting, is your chair comfortable); Time (do you need help with child care, pet care, is your spouse working from home too); Energy (are you getting enough restful sleep at night, do you have food in the house); Wants and Needs (be honest with your wants and generous to your needs).

Once you define your wants and needs, you will need to organize and prioritize them. Clarifying these will help you reduce your levels of frustration and anxiety.

How do you know when you are working in your weakness zone? HINT: If your job exhausts you by the end of the day, chances are you are working in your weakness zone.

Learning how to work in the world of Zoom, can be taxing on your mental acuity. To help you from zoning out, keep Zoom meetings on point and to a time minimum. Organizing your thoughts beforehand, will reduce the risk of mental fatigue. Begin each Zoom session with a purposeful light heartedness, something fun or funny. Acknowledge everyone in the room individually, even allowing each to contribute with something positive. (Hint: Know your audience first. Celebrate the little milestones). The goal is to set a positive tone and to keep everyone engaged (Zoomed In).

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