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Training or Coaching. Which is Better?

The term “Coaching” is today’s popular buzz word, and it seems like everyone is wanting a Coach to help achieve greater levels of success. Does it work? What are the benefits of Coaching? What about training? Is there a difference?

Here’s a HINT: If your Company doesn’t offer both training and coaching, you could be losing money and good employees.

A good Training program is the foundation for every job. Training requires a structured and formal process and establishes the necessary skillset to conduct job roles as effectively as possible. It is usually a one-time event.

Coaching, on the other hand, enhances knowledge and builds upon experience. It is developmental and growth focused for the individual employee. A good coaching program improves employee performance and retention rates.

The answer “Which is better for your company?”, is BOTH. Training and Coaching programs for employees provides a better understanding and appreciation for your organization’s foundational principles and values. Utilizing training and coaching programs, also provides the following:

  • Purpose Driven Goals

  • Accountability

  • Increases Productivity

  • Develop Personal Skills

  • Reduces Employee Turnover

  • Builds better relationships between Leadership and Team Members

  • Eliminates limiting beliefs:

Negative and self-sabotaging behaviors


Does your company value continual growth and development? If it does, you will need to include both Training and Coaching programs to your long term strategic business planning goals.

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